Monday, July 14, 2008

The One Rule

As you may know, I've been traveling a lot more than usual. Figures that work would have me going places as soon as we decide to move to an exotic locale where I want to spend more time.
One of the secondary results of traveling is that I spend way too much time in public bathrooms, which is a disturbing enough prospect, in and of itself. This experience has led me to one overriding thought, or demand, regarding my fellow travelers, and the first, and hopefully only, rule that I want everyone that I know to follow. I'm not a demanding person, in general, but this is imperative:
Under no circumstances should anyone, ever, use their phone in a public restroom. There are no conditions or situations or factors in the world that warrant or excuse people from taking or making cell phone calls while they are in a public toilet. Period.
It's disgusting.
If I were a better man, I would confront the miscreants and sinners who engage in these acts directly, rather than telling people who know better what to do.
I pity the people on the receiving ends of those calls.

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Nass said...

That. is. gross. I've witnessed that in an office environment once. Never understood it. Um, its called "try calling them back later".