Tuesday, June 24, 2008

busy schedule

Things have been busy, busy, busy.
Went to Banos this weekend.  Fun town, full of hippie tourists and local tourists, all attracted to the huge industry of activities that have grown up around the once sole highlight of heated pools.  Banos is close to Tungurahua, and active volcano.  Sadly, we didn't see any lava flowing or ash spewing.  I guess that's a mixed blessing.
We spent the weekend hiking around the area, and going white water rafting - good times, all in all.  Banos is right on the edge of the mountains, the gate to the Amazon, and one can rent a bicycle and bike down to the nearest Amazon town, Puyo, for five bucks.  I want to do that next time, it's an amazing winding road down the mountain sides.
Now, aside from the usual day to day activities, we're also trying to get ready for our trip to the Galapagos next week.  This mostly involves running around town to used bookstores, trying to scrounge the desperately needed beach reading.  So far, we've had mixed luck. 
The day after we get back from the Galapagos, Ethan and I are off to Florida for a week of visiting the grandparents.  Then up to Baltimore (and DC) and then to Denver, then back to DC, then back home.  Fun times.

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