Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I know

I know exactly what you're thinking.  You get to work in the morning, sit down at your cube, or in your office, or even in the study, at home, if you're lucky enough to have a setup like me, and you take the first couple sips of coffee and start making plans for the day as you fire up the computer.  Your first stop, of course, is this blog, and your met with what can only be the biggest disappointment of the day -- no update.  I know what it's like.  I too, am a blog reader, or used to be, and I know what it's like not to have that update on the page.  Not to be able to spend some idle time living vicariously through other people's experiences.  Not to be able to get that input of an adventure or two, not to see a fun picture, not to learn an interesting, if utterly useless, piece of information.  It puts a pall on the day.  Like a gray sky and a light drizzle in the early morning, it makes you want to go back to bed and pretend that the world took a break until later.
I could bore you with a long list of excuses about busy, about work, about being out of town.  I could complain that the damn internet connection makes it almost impossible to get pictures loaded onto the site.  I could say lots of things, none of which would change the fact that I just haven't taken the time to update the blog.  Thankfully, Amanda's picked up some of the slack, and is starting to post pictures of our weekend trips and such, which is fun.  What's she's left out is all the background - the car crashes, the brushes with altitude sickness, the wide horses and the flying dutchmen.  I'm thinking that she's expecting me to fill in the gaps, and I'm newly resolved (resolutions being a big part of birthdays, which mine is approaching) to do just that.  Maybe I don't need to block out an hour or two every day to fill in the gaps.  Maybe it should only take a minute or two.  Who knows?  We'll try this out. 
Plus, I'm going to try and update the blog from email.  Never tried that before.

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