Saturday, June 28, 2008

random observation

I watched some delivery guys deliver a washer and dryer to the apartment building across the street this morning. This is how they do it here: Three guys show up with the truck. Two guys open up the back of the truck and pull out the washer machine. They pick up the washer machine (by hand) and put the washer machine on the back of the third guy, standing on the street. The third guy carries the washer machine, on his back, into the building. I assume he then carries the washer machine either up the stairs in the building. Repeat for dryer.
It must really suck to be that third guy.
Speaking of random delivery issues, as I've said before, everything is delivered here. You get the water bottles delivered, propane tank refills delivered. There are people to bring you just about anything you can imagine. Even the little tienda two blocks away, the place that sells the $1 liter bottles of beer (80 cents after the 20 cent deposit) will deliver whatever you want, in whatever quantity, at any time. But here's the catch - most restaurants will deliver, but nobody's figured out the take out menu thing yet. So you can order a delivery, but you've got to guess what they have available.
Strange way of doing things. I think most of the whole restaurant issue is based on the fact that restaurants here get a ton of advertising revenue from their menus. Most decent restaurants have menus that run into mini booklet form, and they're full of stuff besides menu options - adverts for everything from beer commercials to real estate developments in the suburbs.
Again, strange way of doing things.

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