Friday, September 12, 2008

Back in the US of A

For those that aren't in the loop on these things, A and I are in DC for a while. What was originally planned as a quick trip to Baltimore and DC for a wedding, chocolate tasting event and a chance to see friends has slowly ballooned into a three week extravaganza, spanning multiple cities, across multiple weekends, involving a whole giant broadway show sized cast of friends and family. Should be a good time.
Since we won't have a bunch of pictures of exotic spots we're visiting (not counting some of the more "interesting" baltimore suburbs) I think I'll try and post some links on the site, in lieu of pictures of things you don't usually see at home.
If you're in the DC area - I hope I see you soon.

I'm a little worried about my poor fig tree, stuck all alone in Quito.

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