Thursday, September 4, 2008

missed shot

here's the latest update on the construction. The top's been capped and some netting has been set up (I don't know why).
I had the perfect picture this morning, but, once again, I couldn't find the #*$&)#&$ camera until hours later (it was in the other camera bag. Not the "other camera bag" - the other camera's bag, if that makes any sense).
Since I don't have the image to show you, I'll just have to paint the picture with words.
So, see the yellow thing-a-ma-bob up on the top floor? That's a little mini-crane that the construction workers are using to haul up cement blocks. This morning, there was a guy, standing on top of a barrel, right at the edge next to the crane, taking cement blocks from a one guy on the ledge and handing them up to a guy standing on the roof of the building. With another guy operating the crane, swinging the thing back and forth not 2 feet from this guy prancing around on the top of a barrel hanging over the edge of the building.
I guess "safety is priority #1" is universal.

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