Thursday, September 4, 2008

micro climates in the city

Since I finally got my hands on the camera this afternoon, I took some shots of the city scape to try and highlight the micro climates around here. I don't know if this is going to come out in the pictures or not - if it doesn't, it's surely my fault.

First picture, facing North. Notice the clouds overhead (it's not raining around here yet) and, off in the distance past the airport, it's a bright and sunny day.

The next shot is towards the center of town and Pichincha (due West from the living room) - the hazy white stuff is pouring rain. Again, not raining up here yet.

Just a little strangeness.

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Nass said...

I can still remember back when I was a kid living in Florida one day watching it pour sheets and sheets of rain in my backyard and having it be incredibly dry and sunny in the front yard. It was pretty neat (now thinking how surreal that kind of was). I decided to go play in the front yard oddly enough.