Tuesday, September 2, 2008

elections everywhere

The general election in the US (of A) is a big deal. We'll be following all the blowhard news coverage running up to the November election via the web and other media outlets, just like everyone else.
Down here in Ecuador, meanwhile, they're gearing up for a referendum on a new constitution, which kind of makes a little thing like electing a new president pale in comparison. The referendum is at the end of the month (September) and the things are already starting to get hectic. Buses full of the "Si" and "No" people fill the highways outside of the main cities, going from one demonstration to the other. Protesters are staking out their respective traffic circles and square across the city. The circle next to our house is full of the "No" people, waving flags, shouting out slogans, and generally causing traffic jams, massive amounts of honking for their position, massive amounts of honking (and gestures out the window) from people against their position, and massive amounts of honking from generally pissed off people stuck in traffic. This is repeated in every traffic circle around. There's huge gatherings in various parts of the city every night. Fireworks and loud music every other night (and, I assume, even more carousing and spectacle on the weekends, when we aren't here). Flat bed trucks full of police in full riot gear can be seen navigating through the city.
I'm thinking that the city's gearing up for some major chaos soon. Should be interesting.
I'd take pictures to provide evidence but I left the camera in the car, which Amanda took to work today.
More later.

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