Monday, April 21, 2008

First Negative

I've discovered the first negative of living here -- no major US sports is broadcast anywhere. Scratch that, no major US sports besides baseball is broadcast here. I don't get it. Of all the major sports franchises, you would think that MLB would be the least interesting to anyone living outside of the US. Maybe that's just me.
TNT broadcasts a separate program than what is shown in the US (the bastards).
So, no game 2 of the Cav/wizards. And no game 6 of the Caps/Flyers.
I wasted at least 2 hours and a whopping 6 bucks (at least 4 whole dollars for the 6 cab rides, and a $2 beer) going from one "sports" bar to the next, trying to find a game.
Interesting enough, you can watch just about any of the million soccer games from the inexhaustible number of leagues around the world (who knew that there was a beach soccer league?), but no other sports.
Just remember, once you're outside of the the great wall of USA, sports = soccer. Bummer.


Scott said...

Hola...well unless the internet travels down there at the speed of sludge, you'll be happy to learn the Caps won and are playing game 7 tonight at the Verizon Center. I've already pre-folded all my hands at poker night from 9-9:30 to watch the end of the game...

Nass said...

That's ashame considering you wouldn't have to worry about time zone issues if they had air them. Futbol is fun though.

Reboot9 said...
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Reboot9 said...

HI Jay and Amanda,
I just found out about your blog from Marc. Amanda obviously did an unbelievably great job finding you guys a place. I love the blog. Buy the SS. I would give you all the US sports for the soccer in Ecuador.
The term is finishing this week, and then I have to tile the new sunroom we added - yuck. I bought a new Jeep Patriot, my old Cherokee bit the dust after 11 years. I'm still playing the blues once in awhile. Gotta go home from the bar in a different way, though.