Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick List

The pilots of Copa airline haven't really figured out the whole landing thing yet. Maybe Copa is a pilot training facility or something. Both sets of pilots on both flights yesterday had the plan bouncing down the runway on landing. And then locking the brakes and coming to a screeching halt. Not fun, and one of the few times where I've thought the whole seatbelt on a plane idea had some merit.

I'm in LA this week, too.

I find it really difficult to answer the immigration questions when I'm leaving or coming. I don't really fit any of the very different buckets that are the tried and true answers to most questions. Business or Pleasure? Well, mostly business, but not business in the country. Business somewhere else that I do "virtually" here. I'm sure this is one of those head scratchers that IT folks have been dealing with for a while that hasn't made it down to the normal person level yet. If I'm working on a computer in Quito, but the data's in the US, then where am I working? Who do I pay my taxes to? If I'm logged into gmail, and the server's in California, then aren't I technically working there, or is where I'm sitting at any given moment matter?

Then there's the whole living or visiting? No, I'm not staying with anyone, I have my own apartment. But I'm not "living here" (that would require a resident's visa). I come and go on a fairly frequent basis. I only need a tourist visa. I am working, but I'm not working here. I mean, I do my work here, on a laptop, but I'm not working in the country...

So, that's fun. Another example of life being easier if you just lie. "I'm here for vacation. 2 weeks. No. I am not carrying any fruits or plants or derivatives thereof in my bags."

Speaking of plant life, I bought 2 bonsai trees while Amanda was away this weekend. I came across the bonsai street vendor and couldn't resist. We are now proud owners (for the meantime) of a fig tree and an acacia (I think) tree. A's going to be so surprised when she sees them in the house.

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