Monday, April 21, 2008

Hike Ilalo

We went for a hike on Sunday of nearby ilalo. Turns out that an "easy" four hour hike isn't that easy for a bunch of out of shape people used to sea level altitudes.
here's some pictures I posted on flickr of the walk.
The most important lesson of the day, more important than the need to stay hydrated, or the fact that coming down a hill can be just as challenging as going up, is that the sun around the equator is STRONG.

I put plenty of sunblock on at Ms. Demanda's urging, but I didn't get the sunblock quite far enough down my neck. I'm not a redneck, exactly, but I do have a nasty burning "ring around the collar" about an inch wide around the base of my neck.

Here's a link to google maps of the hill we hiked. We went from Tumbaco down to San Pedro de Tingo, where we had an awesome, and well earned, lunch before coming home.

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