Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're Live

Getting settled into the apartment over the last day or two (arriving safe and sound on Monday night).
I'm sitting in the living room, staring out over the lights of Quito -- the view is only broken by a couple of close by buildings, marring what would otherwise be a spectacular view.
I think that the original intent was to get a view of the other valley, away from the city, but this works, too.

The upsides of the apartment:
-It's spacious (with 3 bedrooms and plenty of space for visitors)
-Good views
-Good to great location
-already furnished
-Good water pressure and lots of hot (scalding) water (only people who have lived without these things can truly appreciate how nice it is to have).

The downsides of the apartment:
-the place looks like it was decorated by your grandmother. Worse, it looks like it was decorated by someone else's grandmother whose faith in jesus was only outweighed by her lack of taste. A very good reason to go out and do some shopping.
-We're relatively close to the street (third floor) and the street's busy. And builders here don't believe in insulation, for weather or sound.

That's really it for the complaints - there's plenty of other things that could be complained about, but ultimately there's really no point. It's going to be a decent place for us while we're here.
Amanda's made it abundantly clear that I need to include a caveat that this place has the best furnishings and decorations of any of the many, many places she looked at. I would like to point out that I think she did an exemplary job of finding a place.

Hopefully, we'll get some pictures out relatively soon to show off some of the amazing decorations.
Plenty more to follow. The important thing is that the blog's set up and working.

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Amanda said...

I agree with Jay - I would hope this wouldn't be my grandmother's place either, but after seeing the level of cheese furnished apartments come with in Quito(including excessive use of mirrors, fringe on everything, paintings might buy for 19.99 from a TV commercial) we did luck out with only an average level of cheese relative to market conditions!